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Ports 1961 Shanghai (2015)

03 Mar 2017
Image Credit: Shengliang Su
Architectural Credit: UUFIE INC.
Location: Shanghai, China
Architects: UUFIE INC. 
Date of Completion: 2015
OAA Awards 2017 Design Excellence Finalist 

Ports 1961 Shanghai, a retrofit of an existing building for a new flagship store, stands as a monolithic sculptural landmark amidst the high-end commercial district of Shanghai, China. While the design commemorates the prestige of a flagship store, it has become a destination not only for shopping but also for its unique and symbolic architectural identity in Shanghai. 

Site Plan
Credit: Uufie Inc.

At its site, it creates an impression of a landform that undulates, expands and contracts as if it was being molded by its environment.  It stands at the edge of a curving street intersection, provoking the pedestrians and drivers, while representing the Canadian origin and evolution of the fashion house. 

Entrance View and Detail
Photo Credit: Shengliang Su
Detail Diagram Credit: UUFIE INC.

Due to its location, the building is continuously competing with heavy pedestrian and car traffic, as well as other retailers. As a solution to pedestrian traffic, the careful navigation of the building’s edge condition has created new occupiable public spaces. The natural flow of pedestrians leads them to the focal point of the buildings, the funnel shaped cut-out entrance that contracts inwards. The bow windows are strategically placed to make them visible from car traffic and across the street.  During the day, stained glass block and shot blasted stainless steel contrast with the chaotic nature of the city while subtly reflecting the sunlight. In the evening, the façade is illuminated to appear icy and crisp, like an iceberg. 

Bow Window Detail View
Photo Credit:Shengliang Su
The building was made predominately from locally sourced and made glass blocks that play an important role in creating the appeal needed for a building of its kind. It consists of 9000 glass blocks (two types) that yielded high-value for low cost. In order to achieve a uniquely sculpted three dimensional façade, the largest L-shaped glass block was invented with structural ingenuity. 

Photo Credit:Shengliang Su
The modular double-skin system was designed to provide high insulation and low heat gain by naturally venting out the heat accumulated between the interior and exterior wall. Energy efficient LED lights were embedded into the joints of the masonry, casting light towards the back side of the interior wall, which is indirectly reflected back to the exterior.  The indirectly reflect light aids in establishing the soft and natural glow of the building. 

Exterior View (Morning)
Photo Credit:Shengliang Su
Overall, the dramatic three dimensional form and elaborate ornamentation have placed the building into a category of new and symbolic architecture that contribute to the expression of the transformative nature of the city and people of Shanghai.  

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