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Boulevard Club West Wing Replacement (2015)

20 Mar 2017
Image Credit: Scott Norsworthy
Architectural Credit: Teeple Architects Inc.
Location: Toronto, Ontario 
Architects: Teeple Architects Inc. 
Date of Completion: 2015

OAA Awards 2017 Design Excellence Finalist 

The Boulevard Club West Wing Replacement is a new two-storey addition to the historic Boulevard Club on Toronto’s western waterfront. The large and windowless volumes of the challenging program are organized elegantly, and naturally on a very tight site to seamlessly extend the circulation of the existing building.  

Site Plan
Diagram Credit: Teeple Architects Inc. 

Diagram Credit: Teeple Architects Inc. 

The complete building is a sculptural composition of three roofs, each representative of its era: the early 20th century centre block, the exuberant mid-century modern roof of the east wing, and the computer generated curves of the 21st century addition. The roof is a landmark from the water and a folly in the park from the land side. It starts low on the east to connect gently to the historic club house and then rises with a flowing gesture to the west over the second-floor badminton courts.

Photo Credit: Scott Norsworthy

The building is clad in a high-albedo white aluminum standing seam that is installed on thermally broken clips to minimize cold bridging and maximize the effective R-value of the assembly. A daylighting glazing system is used to harvest natural light. Its circulation system wraps around the outside, bringing light and framed lake views. 

Photo Credit: Scott Norsworthy

The unusual parti of the building results from limiting the building footprint to a tight boundary set by the existing club. The expansion could not push past either the southern or northern limits of the club. In order to accomplish this difficult task, five badminton courts and a multipurpose gymnasium are lifted above the change rooms to the second floor, rather than spreading out on grade. The social spaces are fully integrated with the sports and fitness facilities where families can enjoy large family change rooms and new summer camp facilities.

The new West Wing embodies the Club’s strategy to attract the next generation of members by responding to the changing priorities of a younger demographic and maximizing the extraordinary lake views. 

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April 23, 2017 11:44 by Anonymous
Meh - design aside - the club is a continuing slap in the face the property owners - the residents of Toronto

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April 23, 2017 09:37 by Anonymous
Extraordinary, fabulous blending with existing building

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April 21, 2017 19:55 by Anonymous
Fabulous design, interesting, functional attractive design.

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April 04, 2017 00:11 by Anonymous
Congratulations Martin, Steve the rest of the Teeple Team!

John Kubassek

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