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Queen Richmond Centre West at 134 Peter Street (2015)

24 Mar 2017
Image Credit: DoubleSpace Photography
Architectural Credit: Sweeny &Co. Architects Inc.
Location: Toronto, Ontario 
Architects: Sweeny &Co. Architects Inc. (formerly Sweeny Sterling Finlayson &Co Architects Inc.)
Project was commenced by Sweeny Sterling Finlayson &Co Architects Inc. and completed under Sweeny &Co. Architects Inc.
Date of Completion: 2015

OAA Awards 2017 Design Excellence Finalist

134 Peter Street, Queen Richmond Centre (QRC) West is an award-winning example of innovation in creative adaptive re-use that integrated two historic brick-and-beam buildings in the construction of a new 17-storey, 300,000 s.f. state-of-the-art office building.  The high-performance workspace and impressive 75 foot high atrium lobby and event space contributed to the success of the development that focused on ground-breaking design, heritage preservation and tenant satisfaction.

QRC West is the result of executing one bold idea—to deeply respect the past while embracing a positive urban and sustainable future which together starts a critically important dialogue between them and the city. 

Photo Credit: Doublespace Photography

The architectural and structural engineering team created an aesthetically strong design solution that would “lift” the new building above the existing buildings. Nicknamed “Delta Frames”, these seven storey tall structures are the quintessential fusion of art meets science– “architecture”. The unique sculptural design of the Delta Frames is structurally efficient in each supporting 80,000KN of download and together resolving the lateral loads. 

Diagram Credit: Sweeny &Co. Architects Inc.

Of prime importance to the design is the clear extension towards the public realm in and through the building by linking Peter and Richmond.  This resulted in the creation of a very large urban room/atrium. This room or atrium is informed by our heritage, the new building above and the Deltas that link all has become a great public amenity.

Photo Credit: Doublespace Photography 

The architecture of QRC West is about business success as much as it is about a measurably better new workplace – it is more desirable, healthier, comfortable, and flexible, with well-planned private and collective space.


Photo Credit: Doublespace Photography

Demonstrating a better way forward, QRC West is an example of how a creative, sensitive adaptive reuse and bold urban intensification can exist in harmony. The architecture of the building leads rather than follows by responding directly to current and future tenant demands, and creating a high performance workplace of the future. 

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November 19, 2018 19:12 by Anonymous

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October 26, 2018 07:16 by Anonymous

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May 01, 2018 04:39 by Anonymous
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April 24, 2017 12:03 by Anonymous
A fine project, well done. Old and new respectfully meet. Hugh Taylor

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April 23, 2017 11:38 by Anonymous
Demonstrates vision by both developer and architect . Such a great addition to the City

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April 19, 2017 04:37 by Anonymous
Angie Shaw,great piece of downtown Architecture!

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April 18, 2017 22:14 by Boris Kourtev
Love walking by this project.. great piece of downtown Architecture!

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April 06, 2017 10:34 by Anonymous
This is truly inspiring and a testament to what is achievable without the interference of the Historical Society imposing unrealistic objectives.Congratulations Sweeny % Co and Allied Properties for taking on this Bold Venture.

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April 05, 2017 07:01 by Anonymous
So much of our history has been destroyed and removed from our city. It wonderful to see preservation and integration.

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April 04, 2017 00:46 by Anonymous
Your friends at Engineered Assemblies..

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