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Summer 2017 blOAAg Series: Shaping Ontario at 150: The built and unbuilt

09 Aug 2017
Image Credit: Image by OAA
Architectural Credit: Architectural Credit: N/A
Ontario’s story is told through our built environment. It is the first experience of a community’s unique identity through the buildings they inhabit. From confederation to the present, architecture had directly impacted us as a tangible expression of the history and culture of society. The iconic landmarks and the ephemeral nature of our streetscape reflects the changing societal issues and the evolution of the cultural fabric.

In the spirit of this historical milestone, blOAAg wants to feature buildings in Ontario that had shaped our sense of community, identity and civic pride. The ‘built’ is what we can see today, whether it is a landmark icon standing proud in its special place or an integrated retrofit in an existing structure. The ‘unbuilt’ are buildings that no longer exist but once shaped the community it stood in and the lasting legacies they hold in our imaginations. Each of these buildings should be brought to the spotlight on the blOAAg.

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