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January 06, 2017

Women in Architecture: Chamberlain Architect Services Limited
Vineetha Sivathasan
During this second year of "Women in Architecture – Ontario (part 2)" we would like to share stories and experiences of women who...
Image Credit: Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd.
Architectural Credit: Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd.
-Linnea Chamberlain

November 10, 2015

Ontario’s First Female Architects (Part 2): Alexandra Biriukova
Joel Leon
This is the second of a two part post exploring the life of Ontario’s first female architects, Elma Laird and Alexandra Biriukova. In...
Image Credit: Canadian Homes and Gardens, Vol. VIII (April 1931), p.40.
Architectural Credit: Alexandra Biriukova

October 30, 2015

Barbara A. Humphreys
Joel Leon
Today we continue our special blOAAg’s series “Women in Architecture – Ontario” by highlighting the career of an...
Image Credit: Barbara A. Humphreys
Architectural Credit: N/A
-Barbara A. Humphreys

October 07, 2015

Joel Leon
By 1960 there were only 15 women registered with the OAA, and only 43 female architects registered across Canada.
-Annmarie Adams, Peta Tancred, Designing Women: Gender and the Architectural Profession

October 01, 2015

Esther Marjorie Hill (1895-1985)
Joel Leon
“One must have artistic talent, practical experience, professional knowledge, good business and executive ability, resourcefulness, and...
Image Credit: University of Toronto Archives, UTA-B1986-0106/005P
Architectural Credit: N/A