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Adam McGean

Intern Architect

B.Arch.Sc, Dip.Arch


I have been actively employed or engaged in studies since 2002. Since my beginnings, the architecture profession has always represented challenge. This is a complex industry that marries expression and precision, building and context, environment and responsibility, individualism and partnership, consistency and innovation... the list goes on. One of the most compelling qualities of architecture is the seemingly infinite ways the profession can be interpreted and applied. My internship journey has taken longer than some simply due to the digestion process.

Through the years I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with where I fit in the industry. For education, I opted for contrasting perspectives with a technical undergrad at Ryerson University and an artistic masters at the Glasgow School of Art. Professionally I’ve had terms with some of the biggest players; Kasian, HOK, Stantec and DIALOG and focused on the commercial/retail sector. It proved to be the quickest path for exposure to all project phases, consultant coordination, networking relationships and financials. Retail works is quick and packed full of learning if approached with the right mindset. 


Diploma in Architecture (Dip.Arch)
Glasgow School of Art


Glasgow, UK

2009 - 2011

Bachelor of Architectural Science (B.Arch.Sc)
Ryerson University


Toronto, ON, Canada

2002 - 2006

Professional Experience

Intern Architect

Toronto, ON, Canada
Aug 2017 - Present

Architectural Designer

Toronto, ON, Canada
2013 - 2017

Design Practitioner

Toronto, ON, Canada

Architectural Designer

Toronto, ON, Canada
2011 - 2013

Architectural Technologist

Waterloo & Toronto, ON, Canada
2006 - 2009