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Reza Asadikia


OAA, AIA International Associate, AIA Canada Executive Board Member and Secretary, LEED AP


With over 19 years of experience in the design, construction and project management industries, Reza Asadikia has practiced Architecture in Canada, UAE, and Iran. 

As a Director at Infrastructure Ontario’s Major Projects division, Reza has been involved in development and delivery of a number of large scale infrastructure projects in Canada, using Province of Ontario’s Alternative Finance and Procurement (AFP) model. He is now leading the team responsible for delivery of a number of large scale courthouses, including the New Toronto Courthouse project - a high rise courthouse in downtown Toronto, and Halton Region Consolidated Courthouse.

Reza is achievement and success oriented, energetic, and driven. He will set high expectations for himself and others, and will take the initiative even when it is not necessary. Outspoken and approachable, Reza will proactively initiate interactions and relationships with others. Reza is dynamic, gregarious and easily approachable.

He is tactful, tolerant and cooperative, but willing to enforce rules. He can be detail-oriented and organized when required, and has the ability to not lose sight of the big picture. While he is interested in big picture thinking and creative problem-solving, he balances this tendency with a need to translate ideas into workable solutions. He values both practical and innovative ideas to move the organization forward, and knows when to take strategic risks when opportunities arise. He values innovation in his work and looks beyond established procedures to solve problems. He has a realistic sense of what can be accomplished, and has the energy and confidence to make things happen. He can delegate work and will ensure people maintain quality and deliver on time.

Open-minded and curious with a practical turn of mind for problem solving. He is motivated by learning and continually mentors others. 

Specialties: Delivery of major infrastructure projects from initiation to completion and operation, including AFP DBFM Social infrastructure projects, high rise commercial and residential developments


Master's Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning
Iran University of Science and Technology


Tehran, Iran


Professional Experience

Infrastructure Ontario
Director of AFP Delivery, AFP Courthouse Program

Responsible for a portfolio of various large scale AFP- Design/Build/Finance/Maintain Courthouse Program

Toronto, Ontario