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"Architecture from the Ground Up" with Alfonso Medina, T 38Studio, Tijuana

25 February 2016

Having started their practice in Tijuana, along Mexico’s northernmost border with the United States, T 38Studio has been able to engage this intricate locale through a wide range of housing projects that aim to reinsert viable and sustainable communities into an urban center forged by histories of migration, transnational exchanges and informal growth.

They have developed a new model for an architectural practice. It exists on the border between development, architectural design, construction and urban planning. T38 Studio is a collective architecture studio that buys land, master plans it, develops it through financial leverage and acumen, designs and constructs its architectural productions and then studies the results of its work recursively, almost academically. The office is a conceptual vehicle and an architectural machine for moving between the local circumstances and global ambitions, between techniques based on habit and the radical mixing of conflicting values and practices: developer versus architect; planner versus builder; local versus global.

T 38Studio’s practice extends well beyond built structures and pays keen attention to the relationships that exist between the various spaces, ecologies and environments that shape the lives of individuals and broader communities. Their projects respond to the context through a multivalent approach driven by a conviction that architecture is not an end result but rather a skill set for much broader spatial innovation. Conceptualizing the single-family home in new and innovative ways, they have built various affordable housing projects catered towards a new growing demographic of young professionals and their families. Developing entire communities rather than just singular homes, they mobilized their practice to generate a culture of community well being that in a city constantly struggled with safety and distrust, which had been largely absent in the past decade.

T 38Studio’s work has been exhibited at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC, the Boston Society of Architects, El Eco Museum and Archivo in Mexico City

Price: FREE

Location: The Pit (ARC 202), Architecture Building, Ryerson University, 325 Church Street, Toronto

Time: 6:30 PM 

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