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Employment Opportunities

Note: "Architect" means the holder of a licence issued by the OAA in all of the Employment Opportunities listings by Holders of Certificates of Practice or other entities operating within Ontario.

Employment Opportunities

advertises employment positions available to OAA members.

OAA Members/Practice : Architectural practices who are OAA Certificate of Practice holders. There is no cost for placement of an Employment Opportunity by OAA Members/ Practices. *

Other Businesses: i.e. out-of-province architectural practices, corporations, government and other entities who are not OAA members/practices

*The ad must be placed by an OAA member/practice. Other businesses and associations that employ an OAA member as an employee do not qualify for a free listing.

Job Seekers

Individuals seeking positions can post their resume free of charge on the Architecture Canada (RAIC Web site)

Guideline for Posting

  1. The ad must identify the name of the practice or employer, and include the position title, a description of the position and contact information.
  2. View the current Employment Opportunities for suggested terminology, such as: Architect(s), Cad Operator(s), Contract Administrator(s), Draftsperson(s), Graduate(s) of a school of architecture, Intern Architect(s), Project Architect(s), Technologist(s)/technician(s) in the architectural discipline.