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2nd Building Integrated PV Symposium


24 April 2014
Location: Toronto - April 24, 2014
Provider: The Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce invites the solar and building industry to jointly explore the opportunities for building integrated PV (BIPV) in Canada. BIPV is an exciting approach to generating on-site renewable energy that can be used in both existing and new construction projects facilitating the transition towards more energy self-sufficient or even energy producing buildings. However, new technological, economical and legal concepts need to be established to drive forward this young sector’s development.

Four content-driven workshops will explore architecture and design opportunities, discuss financing solutions and how to overcome regulatory barriers as well as how building performance characteristics justify BIPV.

The aim of the symposium is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue between architects, urban planners, civil engineers, product designers, technicians, and representatives of the solar, property and financial industries. A roll-up exhibition of German BIPV best practices and the on-site showcase of BIPV modules will be additional highlights at this year’s symposium.

For more information and to register, please contact Inga Ebert, Manager Business Development Canada at (514) 844-3051 or