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Below Grade Waterproofing


Location: Various
Provider: Soprema Canada

This session offers information on the following topics, with the aid of pictures, comparison charts, and physical samples of products.

It covers most of the available systems, not only Soprema’s
-Damproofing Vs Waterproofing
-Positive / Negative Side Waterproofing
-Available systems. Pros and Cons.
-Thermoplastic / thermoset membranes
-Hot Rubberized Asphalt
-Bentonite Clay
-Crystalline / Reactive / Cementitious
-Modified Bitumen
-Liquid Applied
-Blind Side Waterproofing
-Underslab / Mud Slab waterproofing
-SBS Modified Bitumen technology
-Application methods. Advantages and Disadvantages

The content and format can be adjusted to suit particular objectives. 

Please contact Guillermo Cordero at 416 435 0027,