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Building Better Basements


29 May 2013
Location: Thornhill, Ontario; Wednesday June 4th, 2013
Provider: Homeowner Protection Centre

Many homeowners now desire and expect basements to meet a high level of comfort, livability, and moisture control. This seminar will identify key areas to enhance basement performance, introduces best practices to understand materials, components, and systems and how they work together and ultimately to provide a better basement for their clients.

Building Better Basements is based off of the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Full Height Basement Insulation Best Practice Guide for Full Height Basement Insulation. The seminar will go through:

- High performance basement objectives; Soils; Heat loss control; Moisture control; Air leakage control and Basement systems.

The objectives of the course include:

- understand the science of how basements work; discuss the poor practices; identify and understand construction best practices; learn how to build in difficult conditions; determine how to build high performance basements and learn how to save money by eliminating costly call backs.

Cost for OAA Members: $141.25 (including HST)

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For more information, please contact Richard So or 416.961.3487