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Clay and Concrete Masonry Plant Tour – “How it’s Made”


Location: Various
Provider: Brampton Brick Limited

This presentation will take you through a plant tour for both a clay and concrete manufacturing facility.  We will start by reviewing the raw material selection and refining process.  Then we follow both materials as they make their way through both production lines.

At each critical point in the process we will discuss the standard procedures for manufacturing as well as inspection testing for both clay and concrete products.  (Some will be illustrated by short video clips - Like a technical version of a “how it’s made” program.)

Learning Objectives:

  • Raw materials, what they are and where they come from.
  • How a manufacturer handles and inspects the raw materials.
  • Learn all the steps for producing a clay and concrete masonry product.  Each process will be explained from the refining of the raw material to the final masonry product.
  • Review the strict requirements for Type X vs Type S clay brick production.
  • Understand how and why we package each product.

Price: Free

To set up a lunch and learn, please contact: 

Mike Kriesel 
Office 905 840 1011  
Cell 905 691 2034