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Concrete Waterproofing & Durability


Location: Online
Provider: Kryton Canada Corp.

Our presentation will briefly describe our crystalline technology with the following:

  • Our concrete waterproofing as a LEED friendly alternative to traditional petroleum based membranes and liquid applied systems
  • Review of how Krystol will provide waterproofing for the life of the structure
  • The benefits for your client, such as shortening the construction schedule and reducing costs
  • An overview of project scenarios
  • A question and answer session

 In the project section, we will discuss a parking garage in a residential tower – We will review the initial questions we ask to troubleshoot and take you from the first concrete pour, through each appropriate Kryton system, hitting joints, penetrations, and cracks, to ensure the structure is warranted watertight and leak free.

The presentation will focus on below grade concrete foundation but the same systems are also used to protect water containment tanks, elevator / sump pits, swimming pools, tunnels, and water features like fountains. Kryton has a reputation for taking the risk out of your waterproofing project.

Simply said, BE SURE. BE KRYTON.

For more information or to set up a Lunch & Learn, please contact: 

Danielle Preston