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Curtain Wall Retrofits on Occupied Buildings


06 February 2013
Provider: The C3 Group

Many of Canada’s office towers are of an age where the curtain wall systems need renewal. Retrofit projects in fully occupied buildings represent unique challenges. This session provides an overview of the critical path decisions involved in a window retrofit project, including technical and performance factors, tenant considerations and opportunities for architectural upgrades and building repositioning.

Functionality and Means of Failure
The first part of the presentation provides examples of the most common means in which a curtain wall system can fail. From design and installation, to components reaching their design lifecycle, curtain walls fail for a variety of reasons. Real life examples are reviewed to highlight these means of failure.

Case Studies
The second part of the presentation provides brief case histories on large scale curtain wall retrofits on occupied buildings. Toronto City Hall: Converting a Heritage Building to a Double Glazed Window System

When Toronto City Hall was built in the early 1960s it contained over 94,000 sq ft of single glazing. This case study covers the challenges faced when designing and installing a new, thermally broken, double glazed window system for Toronto City Hall. It includes a discussion on the testing and modeling completed and on the complexities of meeting the technical project requirements while minimizing changes to the exterior and interior appearance.

Oxford Tower & CCP: Retrofit on Two Occupied, 20+ Storey Commercial Buildings

Oxford Tower and City Centre Place (CCP) are two commercial towers in downtown Edmonton. Both towers had had a high portion of their sealed units fail and were experiencing significant air and water leakage. The case study highlights the planning and challenges of working on an occupied building. It also covers the opportunities for architectural upgrades and building repositioning when completing the retrofit.

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