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Daylighting Challenges & Advances in Smart-Tinting Glass Technologies


Location: Ontario
Provider: Halio North America

Certificates will be provided.

Kinestral Technologies, Inc. is pleased to present this daylighting + technology seminar exploring the benefits of daylighting, the obstacles to achieving a truly daylit space, daylighting management strategies, and the latest technologies making it possible to achieve the daylighting for which a building has been designed while still meeting energy efficiency, sustainability standards, and wellness standards. This course is registered with AIA

CES for continuing professional education.


I. Impacts & efficacies of daylighting Human health impacts 
• Productivity impacts 
• Energy efficiency benefits 

II. Challenges to optimizing daylight in the built environment 
• Daylighting references & requirements in building rating systems 
• Challenges to achieving the daylighting for which a space has been designed 

III. Limitations & opportunities for daylight management offered by current technologies 
• Current strategies, products and systems 
• Intelligent daylight management systems 

IV. New technological advances in smart-tinting glass 
• Electrochromic glazing benefits and challenges 
• Next generation of electrochromic technology 

To arrange a lunch and learn, please contact:
Jason Isackson, Market Development Manager