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Fundamentals of Suspended Façade Access Operations and Equipment - OBC And Fall Protection of Roofs


Location: Ontario
Provider: MEPS International Inc.

We will present and discuss the following:

  • Legislative requirements for suspended façade access: Building Code Section 4.4.4, applicable Canadian Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Act; interpretation, issues, current and upcoming changes.
  • Suspended operations: window cleaning and exterior façade maintenance/repair; boatswain’s chair, suspended platform, BMU (building maintenance unit); governing building height, architectural features and wind conditions
  • Support and fall arrest systems design parameters: mandatory and optional; architectural concepts and details which may affect safety and functionality of the system and vice-versa; coordination prior tender; structural and non-structural aspects, frequent issues;  
  • Equipment selection and equipment design: importance of proper specification; understanding bids; interpretation of tender results; hidden and unforeseen costs; technical and peer review;  
  • Fall Protection on roofs: safe access, permanent vs. portable (temporary) equipment, current Ministry of Labor Regulations and available products
  • Liability issues: Architect’s role and responsibilities for safety, functionality and performance of the selected suspended access system

To set up a lunch and learn, please contact: 
Dragana Kaplarevic, P.Eng