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Glass Courses Offered by Viracon


Location: Various
Provider: Glasscan

Behind every beautiful building lies a team of dedicated individuals. At GlassCan beautiful buildings are our passion.  We are a team of manufacturer representatives for a select group of leading custom architectural products in the building envelope industry.

We are proud to represent:

Viracon - High Performance Architectural Glass Products -
Larson by Alucoil - Top Quality Aluminum Composite Panels - Worldwide -
Nupress – Complete Sturctural Glass Wall Systems -
Stoneglass – The durability of glass meets the strength of stone -

Various Course Description(s):

Commercial Glass School
An overview of basic glass processes, glass history and fabrication techniques. We'll review the benefits of high-performance reflective and Low-e coatings on glass. We'll also discuss potential problems faced by the designer when using fabricated architectural glass products. The last topic for review will be the differences between soft (sputtered) coated glass products and their pyrolytic counterparts.

Aesthetics of Glass
Join us for an exploration of the glass and glazing options which can influence overall building aesthetics. The program starts with looking at individual glass choices available such as colors, coatings, ceramic frit. In addition, photographs of the options are shown on finished buildings as a means of visualizing the aesthetic effects. After reviewing the individual options, participants will learn how glass features can be combined and incorporated together within finished projects.

Daylighting and Glass
This presentation discusses maximizing natural daylight while minimizing a building’s heat gain. We'll review the psychological benefits associated with natural daylight and the positive effect on health, comfort, sales, productivity and employee attendance. In addition this course will illustrate how to use a variety of fabricated glass products to tailor views, occupancy comfort and energy efficiency. 

Printing On Glass
Printing on glass explores the positive attributes of printed glass.  The presentation and describes the main differences between silk-screen and digitally printed glass as it relates to the manufacturing process.  Upon completion of the session attendees will clearly understand the benefit to printed glass as it relates to solar performance, and have the ability to distinguish what materials are used to print on glass while recognizing what color options are available.

Laminated Glass for Protection and Design
This course will show the benefits of laminated glass from both an aesthetic and safety standpoint. Participants will learn how laminated glass is used for protection in hurricane, blast, forced entry, and safety applications. Attendees will learn about the acoustical benefits laminated glass offers. In addition, both solar performance and design attributes will be discussed as they relate to laminated glass.

Aluminum Composite Panel Course offered by Larson by Alucoil (presented by a Glasscan associate)

Metal Composite Panels for Architectural Wall Systems
This session will leave you with a sound knowledge base of metal composite panels for use in architectural wall systems.  Topics covered include ACM and MCM construction, fabrication, installation (including an overview of the basics of attachment systems), types of finishes, panel thicknesses, cores and code requirements, LEED sustainability, and design considerations to improve costs.

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