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Integrating Masonry with Six-Storey Wood Frame Structures


13 June - 14 June 2018
Location: Mississauga
Provider: MasonryWorx

Masonry Contractors Association of Toronto Office 
5155 Spectrum Way Unit 16, Mississauga, ON L4W 5A1

Wednesday June 13th - 9:00am
Wednesday June 13th- 1:00pm
Thursday June 14th - 9:00am
Thursday June 14th - 1:00pm 

In 2015, the Ontario Building Code introduced changes allowing six-storey wood frame structures. The code requires non-combustible cladding on these buildings, making masonry veneer the preferred cladding material. There are many misconceptions in regard to the use of masonry veneer and wood frame structures in excess of 11m. This presentation aims to clarify these misconceptions by introducing methods of incorporating and adhering full bed depth masonry to a six-storey wood frame.

The presentation will include certain design considerations which must be taken into account, including the proper use of shelf angles. MasonryWorx will also review design considerations and fastening systems specific to six storey applications. This will provide architects and design professionals the technical tools needed to properly adhere masonry to six-storey wood frame.

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Contact: Conroy Murray