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Lighting for Wellness


21 June 2018
Location: Toronto
Provider: STL Lighting Group and Caplan’s Appliances

Time: 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Miele Gallery Caplan's Event Stage, 1130 Weston Rd., Toronto

Caplan’s in partnership with STL Lighting Group invites you to two LIGHTING FOR WELLNESS seminars back to back, followed with 30 minutes of Product Demos and Networking Opportunities.

Session #1: Biologically Focused Lighting for Health &  Wellness
1:00 - 2:00 PM, Seminar
Presented by Ken Esterly, IESNA - Regional Sales Director of LEDRA Brands, Inc.

Explore the science of the visual system and learn how to integrate artificial lighting to design, with wellness of the human body in mind. This seminar will give you an understanding of the relationship between color and light and the associated benefits. As well as ground breaking insight into light at night and its potential applications in cityscapes, the workplace and at home. Learn the latest in human centric lighting; a type of lighting that can benefit the biological, emotional, health, or well-being of people and Well Certification guidelines.

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Session #2: To Light, or Not to Light
2:30 - 3:30 PM, Seminar
Presented by Deborah Gottesman, P.Eng., MBA, LC, Assoc.IALD, Principal of Gottesman Associates

Lighting layouts are not the same as lighting design. Quality lighting design begins with concept development - a form of programming for the visual environment that considers many elements such as perception, contrast, and visibility. This seminar outlines the steps taken on various diverse projects to address those essentials and create the desired mood, atmosphere, and functionality. The case studies span different sectors, from heritage to retail to residential, and identify the range of challenges that good design can help overcome, with many universal lessons.

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Contact: Linda Kafka, Manager, Business Development