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Masonry Design Review & Winter Construction Code Update


Location: Various
Provider: Brampton Brick Limited

We will review the physical properties and best practices for specifying both clay and concrete masonry products.  Design details of individual wall components and the current rain screen wall assembly will be reviewed. Recently there were a few (minor) changes to the building code for masonry walls in winter conditions.   We will review the new limits and discuss best practices for installing masonry in cold climates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the physical properties and classifications of both clay and concrete masonry units to ensure proper specifications in the project manual.
  • Discuss the difference in masonry unit classification – Type X vs Type S.
  • We will examine the difference in masonry pricing and how size will affect the in the wall cost.
  • Review design concepts and installation requirements for all components of the masonry wall assembly.  
  • Discuss the changes and current limits in the building code when considering winter masonry construction.  

Price: free

To set up a lunch and learn, please contact: 

Mike Kriesel
Office 905 840 1011  
Cell 905 691 2034