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Mid-Rise Wood Construction in Ontario


Location: Various
Provider: Ontario Wood WORKS! | a program of the Canadian Wood Council

This one-hour presentation will begin with the history of mid-rise construction in Canada as an introduction to the recent changes to the Ontario Building Code that affect mid-rise wood frame construction. The presenter will discuss the key requirements of the new OBC provisions including: height limitations, allowable occupancy, building areas, fire protection, fire separation of exits, and structural considerations.  The session will conclude by introducing participants to the new Mid-Rise Construction Handbook published by FPInnovations as well as additional design tools and wood design related resources practitioners can access for guidance and assistance.

For more information or to set up a Lunch & Learn, please contact:

Max Torossi (South/Central/Western Ontario)
1-866-886-3574 x 5

Steven Street (South/Central/Western Ontario)
1-866-886-3574 x 4