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NAFS Window Standard Workshop for Architects


05 November 2015
Location: Toronto
Provider: BlueGreen Consulting Group

The building code instructs us to use two new standards for specifying fenestration products and determining their performance requirements: NAFS—the North American Fenestration Standard, and the Canadian Supplement to NAFS.

NAFS however does not apply to all fenestration products, and the simplified methods of the Canadian Supplement are not always the most appropriate way to determine the required Performance Grades.

This presentation given by RDH’s Al Jaugelis will focus on how these standards are referenced in Part 5 and Part 9, and will help responsible professionals to understand the appropriate use as well as the limitations of these standards, especially in the context of Part 5.

BlueGreen Consulting Group is hosting this event at 215 Spadina Ave, space is limited, so register ASAP.

To register, please click here.