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Oaks Landscape Products Seminar - Lunch & Learns


Location: Ontario
Provider: Brampton Brick

3 Lunch and Learn Topics to choose from:
*Earn up to 3 learning hours*

1) Planning, Design, Installation & Maintenance Guidance
    for Design Professionals

This presentation walks through the contents of our newly updated “Designer Resource Guide”, which highlights the most recent advancements in segmental pavement, permeable pavement, architectural wall and retaining wall design.  Some of the recent updates include: Using Finite Element Analysis results to select the correct paver for a traffic application; Heel resistance, slip resistance and open size criteria; calculating hydraulic benefits of permeable pavements; Overview of VESPA Retaining Wall design software; New methods of affixing guards and fences to walls.

2) Design, Construction and Maintenance of Permeable Pavements

Be among the first to learn the newest advances in permeable pavement design, based on the pending ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) standard scheduled for release in 2018.  This standard establishes guidelines for developing appropriate pavement structures for various stormwater drainage, traffic and subgrade conditions, and is a compendium of the most recent research findings and technical advancements from throughout North America. This presentation will focus on answering some of the most common questions asked about permeable pavements including: how to conducting a preliminary desk-top evaluation; recommended onsite testing to assess hydraulic and structural requirements; proper design details and construction practices; and, routine and remedial maintenance.

3) Lessons Learned in Segmental Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Walls have been used for millennia, with the most famous application being the Great Wall of China.  Today’s Segmental Retaining and Architectural Walls are fundamentally advancements of this age old technology.  But these advancements have come about in response to failures, which we do not want to repeat.  In 2016, NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association) developed their “Segmental Retaining Wall Best Practices Guide for the Specification, Design, Construction and Inspection of SRW Systems” as a compendium of contemporary knowledge collected over time.  This presentation focuses on identifying common failure mechanisms, followed by the lessons that have been learned in design and installation practices to prevent these problems.

*Certificates for OAA Continuing Education hours will be issued after the session, upon request

Mike Kriesel CET, CTR, Architectural Sales - Masonry, Brampton Brick Ltd.
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