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PVC 101 - the Benefits and Uses of Cellular PVC Trim


Location: Various
Provider: Versatex, Ontario

Upon completion, architects and participants will understand the following: 

  • The composition of cellular PVC trim, including what ingredients affect weatherability and durability.
  • The process of component blending (micro ingredients) to form a cellular PVC trim compound.
  • How to extrude cellular PVC “free-foam” sheet and how the process differs from the “celuka” process.
  • “In-Line” cutting of cellular PVC “free-foam” sheet into boards and how to texture the boards.
  • Tips and Techniques for fabricating “free-foam” cellular PVC sheet into beadboard, mouldings, pocketed trims, pocketed fascia and frieze boards, vented soffit, cornerboards, beaded sheet & column wraps.
  • Best Installation Practices as they apply to soffit systems, beadboard, window surrounds, skirtboard, cornerboards, column wraps and accessories.
  • In Plant Recycling/Energy Conservation – What steps plastic manufacturers have taken to recycle as much as 99% of all processed waste, significantly reducing waste hauled to a landfill. How extrusion lines are used to heat the plant in the winter months, eliminating the use of natural gas.

Contact info: 
Craig Dawson, Market Development Specialist
Tel: 289-260-0591