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RAIC Emerging Practitioners: EP National Building Code of Canada – Part 3 Webinar 2018


29 September - 30 September 2018
Location: Online
Provider: RAIC

Time: Please see event link for all Canada-wide time zone schedules.

Webinar Registration Fee:
$200 for RAIC members, plus applicable taxes.
$300 for non-members, plus applicable taxes.

RAIC Emerging Practitioners (RAIC EP), is pleased to offer a one-day Webinar on Part 3 of the 2015 National Building Code of Canada (NBC) in French and English session options. This course is taught by Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd, the leading name in safety and risk-based science in Canada. The session will provide a wealth of information condensed into a 6-hour format. It is designed to simplify the Code and be taught as an introduction to the NBC to assist individuals in preparation for ExAC. It is not designed to discuss varying interpretations of building design applications, as they may relate to the Code. Individuals will need to have both volumes of the 2015 NBC on hand.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 26 at midnight (EST).

Kristen Gagnon
613-241-3600 ext. 203

Camille Rivard 
613-241-3600 ext. 205


This course is organized by the RAIC Emerging Practitioners (RAIC EP) in partnership with Jensen Hughes. Neither the webinar nor the content of the course, have been reviewed or endorsed by the CExAC (Committee for the Examination for Architects in Canada). Connections between learning objectives and the General and Specific Guidelines of the exam are for orientation purposes only and in no way reflect a comprehensive exploration of the subject. 

The ExAC is an examination of the application of knowledge to the design of buildings. Study or courses alone may not prepare the participant for the exam. The application of knowledge through experience in practice is essential for success.