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Rear Ventilated Façade Systems


Location: Various
Provider: Sound Solutions

In this one-hour demonstration, we will present ventilated façade systems with unique and innovative building materials. The ventilated facade creates a wide range of design possibilities for architecture, design and materials.

The system is comprised of a sub-structure which support rear ventilated rain-screen (RVRS) cladding panels. It allows for more aesthetic freedom, is cost-effective and easily constructible and meets the demanding needs of energy savings through better thermal performances and reduction of thermal bridges.

Natural cladding materials such as extruded terracotta, thin concrete, HPL and metal are being used to draw inextricable links to modern architecture.

For more information or to set up a Lunch & Learn, please contact:

Annette Lindy

416-740-0303 - office

416-988-0074 - mobile