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SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes for Roofing


Location: Various
Provider: Soprema Canada

This session offers information on the following topics, with the aid of pictures, comparison charts, and physical samples of products.

-Why Bitumen is used in waterproofing and why it is modified with polymers.
-What SBS is, and its effects on the raw bitumen.
-Types of reinforcements and their differences in performance
-Pros and Cons of the 2-ply Mod. Bid. Membranes compared to single-ply and 4-ply BUR systems.
-Conventional Vs Inverted ( PMR) assemblies
-Application Methods-Advantages and disadvantages
-Cold Process
-Mechanically fastened
-Quick overview of Vegetated Roofing Systems

The content and format can be adjusted to suit particular objectives. 

Please contact Guillermo Cordero at 416 435 0027,