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TSA Technical Series: Quantifying User Experience


28 June 2018
Location: IBI Group, 55 St.Clair Avenue West, Toronto
Provider: Toronto Society of Architects

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Just in time for the end of cycle, the 2018 TSA Technical Series continues with a presentation by Entro Communications!

The physical design of space influences how we feel, think, and behave, and we have always had an intuitive sense that visual design shapes the character of a space. How do we meaningfully evaluate design options - how can we objectify the subjective? Models, based on principles of cognitive neuroscience and using machine learning and computer vision, advance our understanding of how the visual characteristics of an environment shape its character. These scientific and technological advancements support the design process and allow us more confidence in the effectiveness of our designs.

What You Will Learn:

  • Explanation of cognitive neuroscience in relation to the built environment
  • Knowledge needed to validate design decisions and communicate effectiveness of design
  • Understanding of how the physical design of space influences how we feel, behave and think
  • Methods to quantify the traditionally qualitative elements of an environment
  • Knowledge of the latest technology and future developments that will increase our understanding of the above topics

About the Speaker:

Dr. Vedran Dzebic leads the research and development practices at Entro Communications. His work sits at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and environmental design. His research has been featured in platforms including the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, the Environmental Design Research Association, The Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology, and Intelligent Buildings International.

TSA members may attend for free using Member Code TSAMEM2018.