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Water Reuse Management Solutions and Practices for Commercial and Residential Buildings – The Decentralized Solution


29 January 2014
Provider: Greyter Water Systems

Greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting can reduce water consumption in commercial and residential buildings between 30-40%. Participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:
1. What is greywater and what sources of greywater are most appropriate for re-use?
2. What are the plumbing and sizing requirements, and best when incorporating greywater systems for various building types?
3. What regions of North America allow for greywater to be reused for non-potable water use? In this section a detailed overview of state/provincial restrictions will be addressed when it comes to permit approvals. This will include an overview of various water quality regulations and standards.
4. What is a greywater recycling system – what are the major components and how do greywater systems work? In this section an overview of costs, system maintenance and installation of water reuse solutions will be discussed.
5. What are the benefits of greywater recycling? In this section insight will be provided as it relates to all of the stakeholders within the water supply and treatment delivery chain (from municipalities to land developers to property and home owners).
6. What are the potential benefits/incentives to builder/developers?

Please note that webinars are also available.  

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