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Why Curtain Walls Fail and How We Fix Them


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Provider: C3 Polymeric- Curtain Wall Retrofits


Why Curtain Walls Fail and How We Fix Them
Many of Canada’s office towers are of an age where the curtain wall systems
need renewal. Retrofit projects in fully occupied buildings represent unique challenges. This session provides an overview of the critical path decisions involved in a window retrofit project, including technical and performance factors, tenant considerations, and opportunities for architectural upgrades and building repositioning.

PART ONE: Functionality and Means of Failure

The first part of the presentation provides examples of the most common means in which a curtain wall system can fail. From design and installation, to components reaching their design lifecycle, curtain walls fail for a variety of reasons. Real life examples are reviewed to highlight these means of failure.

PART TWO: Case Study - Overcladding a Twenty-Five Storey

Tower with a Custom Curtain Wall Despite a prime, downtown location, the appearance and performance of the façade at 400 University Avenue were limiting its desirability to tenants. In order to solve the ongoing air and water leakage, reduce energy consumption, and modernize the appearance of the building, a custom curtain wall system was designed and installed. The installation was completed from the exterior, prior to removal of any components of the original window system. As such, the interior of the building was never exposed during construction, and tenant disruption was minimized.

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