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ar·chi·tect*: Redefining The Profession


28 January 2014
Location: Toronto - January 28, 2014
Provider: Ryerson University

ar·chi·tect /’a:kI,tekt/ n.

1 The architectural profession is experiencing an exciting new phase in design practice. Many transitions have led us to this point of emerging practice from the architect as the master mason to a representation-maker; from pen and pencil to mouse and keyboard; three-dimensional digital models to parametric databases. With these technological advancements in design and fabrication, architects and designers are now diversifying their traditional scope of responsibility and experimenting with new modes of creation. To critically assess where we currently stand and project the methods of the future, we look to the leaders of exploration and innovation to compare and contrast their processes of design.

[Redefined arkhi- chief, tektÕn builder] 

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