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Be a mentor. Get a mentor. it's all right here.


The Value of Mentorship

Who can become a Mentor?

An Architect licensed in Ontario, Life Members and Retired Members of the OAA.

Time Commitment

You must meet with the intern two three times a year, review their progress, and offer advice. You can do this over coffee, meet over the telephone, whatever is convenient for you and the intern.

Mentors are in demand

Every year, interns delay licensure because they have difficulty finding a mentor.

Additional Benefits

  • Mentors can report up to 10 Unstructured Learning hours per cycle, to count toward their Continuing Education requirements
  • Stay in touch with your alma mater or country of birth by mentoring an intern who attended the same school or came from the same city, or country

How do I get involved?

Find out more about the new Intern Architect Program (IAP) and mentoring. Submit a mentor volunteer sign up form today!


Finding a Mentor

See IAP Manual, pg 7& 8, Getting Started, Selecting a Mentor for more information.