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Note: "Architect" means the holder of a licence issued by the OAA in all of the Employment Opportunities listings by Holders of Certificates of Practice or other entities operating within Ontario.

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    OAA Online Admission Course Instructor

    July 13, 2017


    Background & Context

    The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) is partnering with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (The School/SCS) to create a fully online version of the Admission Course. The School is recruiting for two instructors to facilitate pilot offerings of the online Admission Course in the fall semester of 2017 and the winter semester of 2018. Based on the experience from the two pilot offerings, the School, in collaboration with the OAA will discuss an optional renewal of the teaching contract for up to three subsequent semesters (May-July 2018, October-December, 2018 and January-March 2019).

    The School will provide training to the instructors with respect to best practices for online teaching as well as the technical skills to use a range of online learning technologies. The School will also provide support to the instructor during the delivery phase of the online course.

    Please see Appendix I for a high level implementation plan for the pilot offerings of the online Admission Course.

    OAA Online Admission Course: Instructor Profile
    Required Experience & Qualities:

    −    OAA Licensed architect*

    • Position #1 – Licensed 15+ years
    • Position #2 – Licensed

    -    Experience with practice management and contract administration related to topical areas of the curriculum:

    • Intern professional development and licensing
    • Professional liability and contracts
    • Ontario Building Code
    • Building Permits: Application process
    • Planning and development approvals
    • Bidding and tendering process/legal issues
    • Construction Lien Act

    −    Note: The course materials will include the extensive use of videos of experts in each of these areas. In addition, the course will include a live weekly webinar interview/discussion with one or more experts in these areas. To that end, the course instructors do not need to possess deep subject-matter expertise in these fields but they should have a high level of familiarity with practice management, project management and contract administration to be able to support students during the course and to know:

    • Effective presentation skills in person and/or using online communication technologies (webinars, Skype etc.)
    • Demonstrated effectiveness at teaching and/or mentoring adult students or professional colleagues in an in-class or online format.
    • Keen interest in mastering skills and the use of technologies to teach in an online environment.
    • Commitment to continuous improvement with respect to teaching skills, course content and learning activities.
    • Openness to feedback and coaching from the School, the OAA and Admission Course students.

    Online Instruction Responsibilities:

    • Deliver instructional activities in the online environment that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences.

    o    Weekly synchronous webinars.
    o    Daily monitoring of course discussion forums and student questions.
    o    Coordination of interaction with course guest presenters and subject-matter experts.

    • Collaborate with School staff weekly and/or as needed to facilitate communication, monitor and adjust curriculum and instruction based upon student needs.
    • Observe and evaluate student's performance and development. Provide appropriate feedback of student progress.
    • Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students.
    • Post course announcements to students.
    • Model professional and ethical standards when dealing with students, peers and community.
    • Participate in School instructional meetings.
    • Keep up to date with developments in subject area, teaching resources and methods.
    • Participate in training and presentations including pre-Labor Day training sessions.
    • Provide recommendations to School staff on curriculum and learning enhancements, updates and continuous improvement opportunities.

    Required Availability: Please see Appendix I

    Note: As an online instructor for this course, you will need to be available to attend the synchronous live webinars each week. Apart from that one scheduled weekly event, you can choose to interact with the students online whenever you can schedule time during the week. And an important benefit of being an online instructor is that you can teach from anywhere in the world you have access to the internet. This means that travel commitments need not get in the way of you becoming an online instructor for the Admission Course. Another benefit of our design of this course is hiring two instructors so that you can share the workload of engaging with the group.

    Note that the schedule in Appendix I shows a timeline ending in May 2018. We will be offering the Admission course up to three times per year. During the delivery of the course in January to March 2018, the School will discuss with you, your interest in continuing to be an instructor in subsequent sessions. It’s likely that the next session would be scheduled for October to December 2018.

    Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

    Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in being an instructor for the Online Admission Course to attention: Salman Kureishy, Program Director, School of Continuing Studies

    Appendix I - Online Admission Course PDF


    University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies


    Toronto, ON