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Grand Valley Society of Architects

Membership: 86
Established: 1963
Catchment Area: Grey, Wellington, Waterloo, Brant

Who we are

The Grand Valley Society of Architects (GVSA) is a non-profit volunteer organization and a Society of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). It provides a forum for free discussion of professional matters, a focus in the community for activities involving architects and a centre for educational, community, and social activities for its members. 

What we do

As a point of contact between the general public and the architectural profession, the GVSA is actively involved in programs which enhance the general level of understanding of architecture and the architectural profession. It also assists the OAA Council in examining matters of interest to the profession throughout Ontario. 

GVSA is committed to presenting informed opinion on issues affecting architecture in the counties of Waterloo, Wellington, Brant and Grey,  as well as to increasing public awareness of the social importance of architectural design. We are proud to assist our local partners in education, arts and culture within the local communities we serve.