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Niagara Society of Architects

Membership: 42
Catchment Area: Niagara

Who we are

A society of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), the Niagara Society of Architects (NSA) is one of 14 regional subsidiary non-profit organizations of professional architects, intern architects, or, individuals that, through their related professions/interests, are nominated as honorary members or sponsor members.

What we do

The NSA provides:

  • A venue for dialogue between regional architects
  • A support network for professional advice
  • Social interaction among the local architectural community
  • Opportunities for community leadership; and,
  • Continuing education.

Regularly, the NSA’s volunteer membership meets to exchange ideas and to promote their profession. As a public service they work to broaden the appreciation of architecture, urban design and the related arts. The NSA hosts many public education events that through the legacy of their practicing members, offer a strong knowledge base about current architectural theory and practice as well as providing independent opinion about issues that impact upon our local and global environment. Many of our members take particular interest in studying and informing others on various topics and / or case studies of our built heritage found here within the Niagara Peninsula.

The NSA has a mandate to: encourage and promote architectural excellence in the Niagara peninsula; be actively involved in programs that enhance the general level of public awareness and understanding of architecture and the architectural profession through education; and, locally promote the importance of architectural design in our culture and our environment.


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