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Code of Ethics


The Profession

Members should endeavour to maintain and advance the art and science of architecture. Members should strive for design excellence and in so doing, members should thoughtfully consider and respect both the natural and cultural environment of the communities in which they are practicing.

The Architect

Members should have an honesty of purpose which is above suspicion and as a professional advisor should be unprejudiced. Members should demonstrate a sense of responsibility and integrity, business capacity and technical ability.

The Architect and the Public

Members should embrace the spirit and letter of the law governing their professional affairs and promote the public interest.

The Architect and the Client

Members should serve their clients competently in a timely and professional manner. Members should honestly represent the extent of their expertise.  Members should apply their expertise and proffer advice to assist clients in achieving the client’s goal.

The Architect - Architect Relationship

Members should co-operate in the best interest of the architectural community. Architects should respect the rights and recognize the contributions of their colleagues.  Members should conduct themselves towards professional employees with fairness and good faith and shall endeavour to facilitate their professional development.

May 5, 2010 - Code of Ethics adopted by OAA Members


For a number of years various Councils and Committees had undertaken to work on the development of a Code of Ethics. In 2010, OAA Council introduced a proposed Code of Ethics which contained broad statements about ethics and conduct amongst the members of the architectural profession. Some refinements were made to the draft document as a result of Council discussion and a 2010 survey of the membership.

Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

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