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Admission Course

The OAA Admission Course is a mandatory requirement for licensure for all Interns in Ontario. The OAA Admission Course covers topics related to regulatory matters, legal issues and information specific to the practice of architecture in Ontario.

Choose the best schedule for you!

Now you can register for any or all of the OAA Admission Course lectures—it’s your choice. You can take all lectures at once or spread them out over a few years.

The OAA Admission Course will be next held over 3 full days in May 2017 in Ottawa at the OAA Conference (being held in conjunction with the 2017 RAIC Festival) with attendance limited to 150 seats:

continental breakfast will be provided

Wednesday May 24, 2017
Thursday May 25, 2017
Friday May 26, 2017

You may take any number of lectures at any time over the course of your internship but you must complete them all before you can apply for licence. Once you have registered for a session, your attendance is mandatory. To complete the Admission Course, you must attend every session in full. You will have to re-attend at your own cost if you arrive late or leave early.


Registration for Admission Course 2017 is now closed. Registration for Admission Course 2018 will be launched on November 29, 2017.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your Admission Course registration, please submit a written notice to before the close date to be eligible for a full refund. No refund will be provided for cancellations received after Registration has closed.