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Guiding Principles

EABO is committed to:

  1. Applying a pragmatic problem solving approach to issues of concern.
  2. Supporting and promoting the consistent application of, and conformity with, provincial building regulations and professional practice standards.
  3. Recommending measures which are consistent with the roles of various persons set out in 1.1 of the Building Code Act.
  4. Developing standards by consensus, which means substantial agreement and more than a simple majority, but not necessarily unanimity.
  5. Advocating the more practical and simpler of any effective approach to an issue.
  6. Advocating for the practical and reasonable needs of designers.
  7. Supporting the role of the Ontario Association of Architects and Professional Engineers Ontario as independent, self-regulating professional organizations independently responsible for the qualifications and activities of their members.
  8. Supporting the needs and authority of local municipal authorities in carrying out their responsibility for confirming that construction and demolition complies with applicable law.