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Have a question for our candidates? Visit our "Ask the Candidates" page! Candidates will be forwarded all questions and their responses will be posted below.

Each electoral district is assigned a specific number of seats within Council. Only architects with an address of record within the electoral district can vote for candidates running for those seats. If you are unsure which electoral district you belong to, please verify your addresss of record and consult our electoral district map. 

Architects can nominate and vote for Architects, Licensed Technologist OAA and Intern Architects.

Licensed Technologist OAA can nominate and vote for the Licensed Technologist OAA Seat.

Intern Architects can nominate and vote for the Intern Architect Non-Voting Seat.

Candidates will be announced once the nomination process is complete. 

Click below to see all candidates per electoral district as well as their candidate statements and answers to your questions.

Eastern Ontario

Total seats: 2
Seats available: There was 1 seat available this year.

J. Gordon Erskine has been acclaimed.  Certification of acclaimed members will occur on the same day that the ballots in the election are counted.

Central Ontario

Total seats: 2
Seats available: 0


Northern Ontario

Total seats: 1 
Seats available: There was 1 seat available this year.

Jeffrey Laberge has been acclaimed.  Certification of acclaimed members will occur on the same day that the ballots in the election are counted.

Western Ontario

Total seats: 2
Seats available: There was 1 seat available this year.

Agata Z. Mancini has been acclaimed.  Certification of acclaimed members will occur on the same day that the ballots in the election are counted.

City of Toronto

Total seats: 4
Seats available: There was 1 seat available this year.

Susan Speigel has been acclaimed.  Certification of acclaimed members will occur on the same day that the ballots in the election are counted.

Province of Ontario

Total seats: 4
Seats available: 1

Candidates for the Province of Ontario are:
Reza Asadikia
Barry R. Cline
Ryan Cyrus
Paul Clark Gogan

Nomination statements can be found on the ballot and are re-printed below.


Nomination Statements


link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

Dear Colleagues,

Our profession has been evolving over years. The economy driving the market is rapidly changing. More sophisticated delivery models have shaped a different environment for us. This change continues to affect us and if anything, the evolution in the market place will become faster. At the same time, the leadership of the OAA should be at the forefront for promoting the much needed evolutionary change in the profession. We should not only get in front of the evolving market, but also respond to it as a “Team”.

We also need to diversify our experience and work collaboratively with other jurisdictions. In my view, OAA has a duty to instill a culture of involvement with other Provincial and international architectural organizations and communities.

Those eager to get recognized by the profession should be allowed to participate in steps required for registration in a reasonable manner and immediately upon graduation. Younger architects to be encouraged by reducing the unhealthy rigor of excessively long hours. They are the ones to create and lead the culture of continuous improvement and re-creation.

When I moved to this country and called Canada my “home”, I had to take all the steps needed to once again be recognized as an “Architect”. It was not easy, but the result was rewarding. That also has given me a realistic view to the challenges facing our profession in Ontario.

Please take a moment to look at the highlights of my journey in the profession by visiting my LinkedIn page and if you see me worthy of serving you for this task, give me the honor and privilege of having your vote.






link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

 Fellow Architects:

I am running for OAA Council for this 3-year term. I first served on Council during the 1980 - 1982 term and found it quite challenging while raising 2 daughters at the same time. I served my term, but chose not to rerun. However, I did contribute to less demanding committees - serving my community & profession.

As practice principal, I have extensive experience in administrative & technical aspects of the profession, along with contractual, negotiation & legislative/interpretive sector skills, further fine-tuned while serving on Council from 2015-2017. These will further benefit my efforts for this Council.

I am pleased to present the following service & background, for your consideration:

Education/Professional Credentials:
Architectural degree: Ohio State University

Licenses: OAA & OAQ

Past Service to Community & Profession:
Chairman, Board of Directors, Toronto Jaycees
Member, Planning & Urban Affairs Committee, Toronto Board of Trade
Member, Housing Subcommittee, Toronto Board of Trade
Member, Waterfront Subcommittee, Toronto Board of Trade
Member, Harbourfront Subcommittee, Toronto Board of Trade
Chairman, Convention Committee, OAA
Chairman, Public Information Committee, OAA
Councillor, OAA (1980-1982 & 2015-2017)
NCARB Exams Committee, setting USA/Canada licensing exams

I served my 2015-2017 Council term effectively, & from the OAA Annual General Meeting Report of May 23, 2018.....“During his first year, he (Barry) embraced his role on both Discipline Committee & Trustee up until the end of 2017. The Discipline Committee went through a busy time during this period, & Barry’s experience helped in the facilitation of an efficient, well-run & important facet of the OAA. Over the next two years, Barry was elected to serve on Council Executive Committee as Vice-President, Regulatory. He chaired both Discipline & Registration Committees & was involved in the Public Interest Review Committee (PIRC) & the Act/Regulations Review Task Group.”

During leisure time, I am an avid sailor. As a scuba diver, I have been involved in underwater photography. Historical architectural photography is an ardent pursuit, & latterly returned from an Antarctic & Machu Picchu shoot. Amongst others: Khufu’s Pyramid, Aya Sophia, Saint Malo Abbey, Notre Dame, Pompei, Parthenon, Gaudi’s architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture, & Vatican Art - all of which enlightened my appreciation of design & shaping spaces.

I would appreciate your vote for Council in the “Province of Ontario Electoral District”. ANY licensed OAA architect, practicing ANYWHERE IN CANADA &/OR USA, is entitled to vote in this District.  I believe I have much to offer, but the “best laid plans of mice and men” won’t succeed without your vote. Intentions alone won’t work, but your online ballot will!! 

Thank you for your time, consideration & trust of your single vote.

I will serve your interests objectively.


Barry Cline, Architect

(416) 251-4495 




link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

Ryan is a Senior Architect (/ Project Manager) with over 19 years of Canadian and International experience. With a diverse portfolio in condo buildings, multi-unit residential and institutional architecture, he has extensive experience managing teams and coordinating high profile and complex projects from Concept Design through completion of Construction. As a Project Manager, he has demonstrated the ability to meet quality, cost and schedule

requirements of very demanding projects and clients. He is an expert in Ontario and British Building Codes, Building Systems, Material Science, Specifications and By-Laws and Regulations of City of Toronto and London, UK.

He has had project collaborations with United Nations and Vienna University of Technology (Vienna), Baird Sampson Neuert Architects, Adamson Associates, Hariri Pontarini Architects, Cecconi Simone Interior Design (Toronto), Herzog De Meuron Architekten, AKT and Grontmij (London, UK), Bjarke Ingels Group (New York), and many other excellent professionals in the field.

He received his Ph.D with distinction in Building Science from Vienna University of Technology where he worked as a Research Scientist for 4 years. The results of his award-winning group research project were published in his 15 papers in scientific journals and international conferences as well as a book.

Ryan has been teaching Architecture and Building Science at a number of universities in Canada, Austria and Middle East since 2000.

In addition, he is a LEED AP and a member of the Ontario Association of Architects. He was a Senior Architect / Project Manager at Adamson Associates Architects prior to funding his own practice.



link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

 I sat with a group of colleagues and discussed the things that 'keep us up at night' and 'are challenging the way we look at our practices'. The list was long. It included:

 • Diversity: Does our work environment represent the community and context of which we live and work? How can we influence change in our schools and profession to create both opportunity for diversity to be reflected in our profession?

• Contracts: The impact that ever increasing contracts have on our understanding of professional and practice liability;

• Succession Planning: Building a culture within a small or large architectural practice involves investment in the future leaders, how can we do it better for both the sake of the profession and individual practices?

• Firm Growth: Ontario’s design and construction industry has seen unprecedented growth, is it sustainable? How should a practitioner prepare for continued growth or possible downswings?

• Salaries: Availability of quality staff is decreasing while the associated cost is not just in financial compensation, lifestyle and opportunity are major factors in getting and keeping quality team members

• Technology: We have many different tools to leverage in our practices, how do we decide what are the best tools for our practices, and how can they improve our design and documentation quality?

• Project Management: Many aspects of project management are getting downloaded onto out architectural staff due to lack of expertise at the client or team collaborators. The PM within architectural practices have a special role and are key to quality project delivery. How do we recognize the ever increasing roles that they take on?

 My experience in Architecture has varied from work inside Canada and abroad, within firms with differing approached to business ownership and staff development, working with great people with wildly different approaches and perspectives. I hope to leverage this experience in being part of the OAA council team so we can build the required tools and resources to allow architectural practices to thrive while elevating the contribution we make to our communities. I also want the intern architects and new practitioners to see the value in our association and how, as the saying goes, we are much stronger together than apart.


Province of Ontario - Licensed Technologist OAA

Total seats: 1
Seats available: 0

Province of Ontario - Intern Architect Seat (Non-Voting)

Total seats: 1
Seats available: 1

The candidates for the Intern Architect Non-Voting Seat are:
Mohammad Ashjaei
Yahya Jundi
Seyedeh Parisa Kohbodi
Zoe Lebel
Alberto Temprano

Candidate statements can be found on the ballot and are re-printed below.



link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

I have nominated for the Intern Architect Non-Voting Seat in OAA Council. As I believe it is vital to empower the Intern Architect voice that will stand up for their career improvement, rights and responsibilities.

I hope to form part of a VISIBLE and APPROACHABLE representative body. My experiences as an International trained Architect will be helpful to the other International trained and fresh graduated Interns trough their journey to their licensure process. I will put all my efforts toward sharing the valuable information with my others colleges to lead them to their pathway to success.

EXAC exam will be another barrier in licensure procedure. As a member of council I will try to lobby with other council member to convince the OAA to provide more information for Exam preparation, Sample of question and answer and to hold preparation workshop for this exam just like other provincial jurisdictions.

As a member of OAA council, I will endeavor to improve communication between all OAA interns and members by setting up the community platform to gain exposure to other individual experiences, reference to different disciplines and help each other to find new positions, career improvement and to share experience.

Trust and support by your vote.

For more information Check out my profile on LinkedIn.



link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

Winning the Intern Architect seat in the OAA Council will give me the opportunity to help interns, fresh graduates and internationally trained architects to reach their goals in their career in Ontario by providing them with all the information they need to go through the right path.

Being the founder of "Toronto Architecture Club" proves that I am very passionate about architecture. This club is created to hold workshops, lectures and events for interns and architects (local and new comers) to give the the opportunity to network and have more connections with other professionals in the industry.

I will be, with your help, the representative of all the Intern Architects in Ontario. I will be ready to take your comments, suggestions and complaints to the council board in order to make a good change and create a better career for everyone passionate about architecture.

Vote for me to have a voice in the council.

If you cannot vote yet, please tell your friends to do so.

Thank you for your support!




link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

As an Intern Architect, I would like to advocate for improving the licensing process in a way that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in our profession.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Architectural Science, I joined NBBJ Architects in Boston, Massachusetts. During my 4 years at NBBJ, I was a fully engaged member of the project team, serving institutional clients. In 2015 I returned to University of Waterloo and focused my master’s thesis on libraries of suburban campuses, and the integration of large-scale infrastructure. I am now working on several residential and mixed-use projects at Kohn Partnership Architects. This experience has allowed me to expand my knowledge of different project management styles, building types and construction techniques.

I see a valuable connection between project work, office engagement, and outside professional activities. In addition to project responsibilities, I have participated in a broad range of office activities such as IIDA Fashion show, the design of a listening booth for a local hospital, and 100in1 Day Toronto art installation. I have also presented at conferences for SCUP (Society for College and University Planning) Conference and Ontario Library Association.

Throughout my career, I have found good mentorship to be highly valuable and significant to an individual’s success. I am committed to discovering initiatives and tools that would help mentors and supervisors to transfer knowledge to intern architects, and to recognize the efforts of exemplary mentors in the architecture community.




link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website




link to your Discover an Architect profile on the OAA website

I strongly believe in the advancement of the architectural profession through volunteerism.

I have always had a passion for sharing architectural knowledge with my colleagues. As a student I worked as a teaching assistant in design-focused courses at both undergraduate and graduate level. I was also an active participant in Carleton University’s Azrieli Architecture Student Association (AASA).

As a recent intern architect, this passion will find a new meaning on council. Professionally, I aspire to contribute to the field of architecture, and I am enthusiastic to share my experiences with other interns.

As a member on council:

- I will establish a culture of informed and involved OAA Interns, and encourage them to take advantage of the many opportunities at OAA

- I will listen, and give voice to, the issues and concerns of intern architects

- I will learn more about OAA and share my experiences and knowledge with my peers across Ontario

- I will lobby for more intern involvement, and advocate for more community engagement

I am confident that my activities will help advance the interests of my fellow interns and the architectural profession.