Advanced Standing Program

The OAAAS Advanced Standing Program provides qualified senior architectural technologists an opportunity to qualify for the Licensed Technologist OAA designation based on extensive work experience.

A candidate must have a suitable academic credential and meet a 12-year rule:

  • A candidate with a two-year college/university diploma must have at least ten years’ work experience. 
  • A candidate with a three-year college/university diploma must have at least nine years’ work experience.
  • A candidate with a four-year college/university degree must have at least eight years’ work experience.

The candidate must demonstrate they meet the work experience requirements by submitting a portfolio of projects (at least five) on which they have worked. They complete the Project Summary Forms and submit relevant drawings and other documents. The candidate will be interviewed by a team of architects and Licensed Technologists OAA to confirm their knowledge and competencies.

The candidate must submit projects which satisfy the Currency of Experience requirement (940 hours of work in Ontario within the three consecutive years prior to submitting an OAA application). These projects must have been completed either:

  • Under the personal supervision and direction of an appropriate OAA licence holder, or
  • Through qualification with a Building Code Identification Number and registration with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing either as a sole proprietor or as principal of a firm offering design services to the public.

For program submission details visit the Advanced Standing Program Guide.

To apply, a candidate must be an OAAAS Technologist. Candidates may apply simultaneously to OAAAS and the Advanced Standing Program.

Advanced Standing Program Application Form



Garry Neil, Executive Director|Registrar
o: 416.449.6898 Ext. 235
m: 416.268.5665 

Rommy Rodriquez, Associate Director
o:  416.449.6898 Ext.236
m:  416.795.5977

Please see OAAAS Board of Directors for a listing of our current Board Members.

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