Program Overview

OAAAS is the technologist licensure program of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). Through our process, a qualified technologist working in architecture can achieve licensure as a Licensed Technologist OAA (Lic.Tech.OAA). The OAAAS certification process and OAA membership require individuals to achieve and maintain the high standards and qualifications expected of architectural professionals, and thereby ensure that the public interest is protected.

Scope of Practice

Once qualified by OAAAS, the technologist will receive an OAA Licence with Terms, Conditions and Limitations established by the OAA under the authority of the Architects Act. A Licensed Technologist OAA must adhere to the OAA standards, rules and guidelines which cover all architectural professionals in Ontario.

A Licensed Technologist OAA may obtain an OAA Certificate of Practice and professional liability insurance and provide architectural design and general review services directly to the public. The Lic.Tech.OAA may also provide services under the supervision of any other holder of an OAA Certificate of Practice. A Lic.Tech.OAA has the legal right to design larger restaurants, taller houses, low‐rise apartment buildings and other buildings that no person, other than a licensed architect, may design.

Review the Policy Statement of the OAA
Council to understand the rights and responsibilities of the Licensed Technologist OAA. 


Garry Neil, Executive Director|Registrar
o: 416.449.6898 Ext. 235
m: 416.268.5665 

Rommy Rodriquez, Associate Director
o:  416.449.6898 Ext.236
m:  416.795.5977

Please see OAAAS Board of Directors for a listing of our current Board Members.

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