Student Membership

Student Membership is free.

A student may join OAAAS providing he/she:

  • Is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or legally entitled to work in Canada. Proof of status must be provided with the membership application.
  • Is enrolled in a three-year architectural technology program (or intents to complete a three-year diploma).
  • Has completed a minimum of two semesters.
Upon submission of an appropriate college transcript and payment of the application fee, the student member will be reclassified as an OAAAS Technologist.

Student Application Form


Garry Neil, Executive Director|Registrar
o: 416.449.6898 Ext. 235
m: 416.268.5665 

Rommy Rodriquez, Associate Director
o:  416.449.6898 Ext.236
m:  416.795.5977

Please see OAAAS Board of Directors for a listing of our current Board Members.

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