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This page contains news and insights gathered from various cited sources, including—but not limited to—the OAA. The views and ideas expressed in these articles are being shared for information purposes and do not necessarily reflect those of the OAA.

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The OAA will be sponsoring two Intern Architects to attend the OAA Conference (May 22 to 24) in Niagara Falls and two Intern Architects to attend the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC...

Immediately following its first meeting of the year, the OAA’s governing Council moved directly into its annual planning session at the Association’s headquarters in Toronto. The one-and-a-half day...

Toronto, ON – Today, the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), regulator of the architecture profession in the public interest, launches a new podcast that aims to bring the built environment...

Cyber insurance teams recover data, mitigate costs, and fix systems to help architectural practices and other businesses reopen faster when they fall victim to ransomware. Earlier this year, Hub...

Concrete is a carbon-heavy material and is widely used. With continued focus on sustainability, industry experts have a plan to reach net zero—it starts with carbon accounting. Earlier this year, the...

Brampton Brick’s Mike Kriesel works with architects on design consultation and decarbonization. Earlier this year, he shared these hidden perks of the supplier relationship at the OAA’s annual...

The Ontario Association of Architects celebrated World Architecture Day in 2023 with its reveal of the selections in its annual Queen’s Park Picks (QP Picks) program—a collaboration with Members of...

Every year, the OAA celebrates World Architecture Day with its list of ‘Queen’s Park Picks.’ For this annual celebration, MPPs nominate buildings in their communities and the final list is whittled...

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