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Pro-Demnity Insurance Company

Pro-Demnity Insurance Company provides Ontario’s architectural practices with professional liability insurance in accordance with the Architects Act. It began operations in 1987 as an “Indemnity Plan” within the OAA. In 2003, the Association transferred the operations to Pro-Demnity Insurance Company to continue to provide the mandatory insurance.

While a wholly owned subsidiary of the OAA, Pro-Demnity operates independently with a separate Board of Directors. As an insurance company, it is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Ontario and tribunalized by Lloyd’s of London.

In addition to fulfilling its mandatory role, Pro-Demnity provides affordable and accessible:

- Insurance Solutions
•    increased limits up to $10,250,000;
•    competitive pricing on excess insurance;
•    spike-up on annual practice limits for coverage of a single project;
•    unique Retirement from Practice Program; and
•    exceptional quality in liability benefits and coverage for architectural firms.

- Risk Education
•    education on managing and mitigating risks associated with the practice and profession of architecture; and
•    timely learning on current topics of concern to architects.

- Risk Services
•    Customized, confidential one-on-one risk support to architectural practices and their employees.

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t:  416.386.1770

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