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Registrar's Investigations

Under specific circumstances, the Registrar can initiate an investigation into the professional misconduct or incompetence of a member. This action, which is separate from the OAA Complaints process, requires the Registrar to believe it is reasonable and probable there is something to investigate. This information can come from:

  • OAA’s  Practice Consultation Survey (PCS) program results, where risks to the public have been identified or where the assessment reveals significant concerns;
  • other architects or regulated professionals, by way of mandatory reporting;
  • members of the public who do not wish to make a formal complaint;
  • building officials;
  • criminal investigations;
  • municipal investigations; or
  • the media.

The Registrar will determine whether an investigation is warranted and take action if needed. The OAA may continue an investigation even if the informant chooses to disengage from the process. The Registrar may appoint an investigator; this person can access all the documents a practice has about the matter under investigation and provides a report to the Registrar who can then give the results to Council or the Committee considered appropriate.

Specifics about the investigation process are spelled out in Section 38 of the Architects Act.

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