Working with an Architect

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Find An Architect
Are you looking to work with an Architect or a Licensed Technologist OAA? You need to find a Certificate of Practice holder that can offer architectural services to the public in Ontario. Use this directory below to find practices, as well as search for OAA members, Student Associates, and Intern Architects. 

If you are looking for more information on architects and how to choose a practice with which to work, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) has created a primer: "What is An Architect? at
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Benefits of Working with an Architect

Good architecture is intentional. While the law requires an Architect or Licensed Technologist OAA for certain construction types, there are always advantages to working with a practice, no matter what the project. Learn more here.

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When do you Need an Architect?

To protect public health, safety, and welfare, the Architects Act defines architecture and sets out which types of buildings in Ontario require an architect by law. Find out more.

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When do you Need a Licensed Technologist OAA?

A Lic.Tech.OAA can design larger restaurants, taller houses, low-rise apartment buildings, and certain buildings no person, other than a licensed Architect, may design.