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Retired Member

A Retired Member is a person who has resigned their membership in good standing and is then appointed this status by the Registrar. Retired Members may use the title “architect (retired)” or “architecte (retraité),” but not the designation “OAA” following their name. Per the guidelines below, they may offer services in limited circumstances, generally as an employee of a Certificate of Practice or within the parameters permitted to non-architects under Subsection 11(3) of the Architects Act.

Retired Members are unable to provide supervision and direction of an architectural practice, as required by the Architects Act.

Retired status is valid for one year, and the individual must pay the renewal fee annually.

As status-holders with the OAA, Retired Members can attend the virtual AGM and receive email communications, and log into the OAA Website.


An individual must have:
resigned their membership, thereby surrendering their Licence and, if applicable, Certificate of Practice, in accordance with the Guidelines below;
returned their OAA Seal, if applicable;
advised their employer, if continuing employment, that they are no longer an architect licensed by the OAA;
been appointed a Retired Member by the Registrar; and
paid the fee prescribed by the Bylaw.

Life Membership

A Life Member is a person who has resigned their membership in good standing, currently holds the status of Retired Member, has reached the age of 75, and has been appointed as a Life Member by OAA Council. In their 76th year, the Life Member does not pay the Retired Member fee.

New Life Members are acknowledged annually at the OAA Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Guidelines for Surrendering a Licence
Guidelines for Surrendering a Licence and Certificate of Practice


For more information about surrendering a Licence, Certificate of Practice, and for seeking appointment as a Retired Member, contact the Office of the Registrar at


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