Registration & Licensing

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Becoming an Architect

Whether you’re a student or already an architect outside the province, learn about the different pathways to becoming licensed as an Architect in Ontario.

Becoming a Licensed Technologist OAA

Find out about the OAAAS, and how to become a Licensed Technologist OAA—as well as what this means.

Student Associate

Enrolled in an accredited program in architecture or the RAIC Syllabus program? Learn the benefits of becoming a free Student Associate in the OAA.

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Intern Architect

The Intern Architect designation reflects enrolment in the Internship in Architecture Program (IAP)—a national program providing a path to becoming licensed as an architect.


An Architect is a highly trained professional who has been licensed by the OAA. As members, they are bound by the Architects Act and OAA Bylaws. Learn more.

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Non-Practising Architect

An Architect (Non-Practising) is not involved in the ‘practice of architecture’ but currently holds, or has previously held, a licence. Find out what this means.

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Licensed Technologist OAA

A Lic.Tech.OAA is someone granted a licence by the OAA to practise architecture subject to certain Terms, Conditions, and Limitations.

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OAA Seal

All designs prepared by an Architect or Lic.Tech.OAA must be sealed with the digital professional seal issued to them by the OAA.

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Only holders of a Certificate of Practice can offer architectural services to the public. Learn more about options for Architects and Lic.Tech.OAAs as well as temporary licenses and limited CoPs.

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OAA Status Categories

Find out more information about the OAA’s Retired, Life, and Honorary Member categories, including the requirements for eligibility.

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Fees & Renewals

Links for annual individual and practice renewals, Certificates of Practice, and other store and fee-related transactions, as well as the accepted payment options.