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Education Providers

The OAA does not accredit or endorse education providers and events. Any event/program that meets the following criteria is eligible and will be accepted under the OAA Continuing Education  (ConEd) Program:

  1. It is relevant to the business or practice of architecture.
  2. It addresses approved subject matter.
  3. It is at least  one hour long.

One hour of classroom time equates to one Continuing Education learning hour.

OAA members self-report continuing education activities on the OAA Transcript.

Education providers are not given access to the OAA Transcript and therefore cannot report activities on OAA members’ behalf.

Online sessions must include a live Q&A or quiz. 

Events and programs that are supported by a certificate of completion or a letter of attendance qualify for Structured Learning hours. A proof of attendance confirming participation must include the following:

  • participant name;
  • ConEd provider’s name, logo, and contact info; and
  • program’s name, length, and date of completion.

Events/programs that are not supported by a proof of attendance qualify for Unstructured Learning.

Marketing Opportunities

Any online program that meets Continuing Education program eligibility criteria could be listed on the Continuing Education Opportunities webpage.   

Education providers are not permitted to use the OAA Logo on any form of event materials (website, certificate, presentation file, etc).

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email with a brief event/program description (150 words max) along with the date, location, web link, and contact e-mail.

All postings are accepted solely at the discretion of the Association.

OAA Annual Conference

If you are interested in speaking at the OAA Annual Conference, please forward your contact information to

OAA Continuing Education Webinar Series

The OAA issues calls for presenters for its webinar series twice a year. If you have questions, contact Both confirmed presenters and interested candidates should also read the Speaker Handbook.

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Events Calendar

Check out our events calendar for a wide array of online and in-person events. Also submit an event using our new online form.


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OAA Contract Suite

Did you know the OAA offers free contracts for its members and the general public? These downloadable standardized contracts make it easier for all to enter into fair, balanced business relationships.